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(KPC) stands for Kings, Princes and Commoners; in essence from the highest to the lowest subjects, citizen or resident we are all fundamentally human beings who inhabit this beautiful blue planet we call Earth, (Gaia).  


The concept of being environmentally friendly and the awareness for our Founders, has its roots firmly cemented as far back as the late 70’s and early 80’s, and with that the subtle global acknowledgement of the Green House Effect (CO2’s).


With that the dye was firmly cast as the foundation stone and platform for the original formation of the company was established way back in early 2006, with the telling of the story behind Wake Up Zone, (S&*% happens)!


Many years have passed us by since then and KPC Productions.Org is now ready, to rise from ashes and fire like an awakened phoenix. Even though when combined together, our team can count many years of expertise and experience, KPC Productions.Org is a new company with new aims and goals. We are establishing our new archive of history throughout the video/film/music and entertainment industry with planned event programs aimed at firmly cementing our place within its realms.  


Our Ethos


The idea and ethos behind the formation of the company came from a long standing belief our founders had of wanting to make the world’s population, more conscious and aware through entertainment of the environmental issues we all now see and face today, relating to such urgent matters as Energy Sustainability, Recycling, Global Warming and Climate change!



Two famous quotes we agree with;


If you don't have a dream, how are you going to make a dream come true? - Oscar Hammerstein.


I dream of things that never were, and ask why not! - Robert F Kennedy.



Dreams we can all make happen!


KPC Producitons.Org consists of a group of highly motivated professionals, who have come together, forming a group of companies whose aim is to bring to the music, media and entertainment market place the concept of environmentally friendly and consciously aware productions and events, from fashion, photography, art, concerts, music, video to short film documentaries.


We strongly feel that the awareness level needs to be raised on a number of issues important to us here at KPC Productions.Org and across the globe. Namely regarding the welfare of - Children, the Disabled, Animals, our Elderly and most importantly our Environment, incorporating all that may include or imply, no matter the race, gender or location!

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