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E.V.E award



An Introduction to E.V.E 


We would like to introduce the “E.V.E” award, (Earths - Versatile - Environment). The award named in honour to the mother of a founding member of KPC Productions.Org. Her name was “Evelyn”, known to her close family and friends as, “Eve”, she was born in the early 1930’s and died unexpectedly after suffering a short illness in late 2006. "EVE" was the first person who taught them about recycling way back in the early 1970’s their initial baptism into becoming environmentally aware and conscious. They would witness as she would collect clothes from the local community that were no longer being used or wanted by their owners and ship them around the world to where they were urgently needed. A devout catholic who attended church every Sunday regardless of the weather conditions. She showed an empathy that was unwaveringly endless showing love, gifts and forgiveness towards her fellow humans regardless of their nationality or location, and in whose memory for those who had the privilege to know or meet with her which left a lasting impression that will never be forgotten! Thanks Mom!


Earths Versatile Environment Award

























The principle and aim of E.V.E have not changed from that of the initial intentions; the ethos has always remained the same as ever, one of wanting to infuse into the generations that follow an environmentally friendly as well as conscious awareness to their approach and attitudes. Although we have had a few changes along the way with respect to how we do things the E.V.E awards goal still remains steadfast. The rescheduling of events planned for the E.V.E award and their production have all now been moved to new venues. The dates, venues and locations all have had to be reanalysed, updated or changed. This we have done to accommodate the ever changing landscape as we face it. The first stage of the E.V.E award was launched back in November 2011 with the first of three E.V.E award ceremonies, (1st E.V.E award - winner Ms. Ceri Jones - successfully completed), which was aimed towards the Fashion and Design arena.


Collecting the E.V.E award






















When the E.V.E award was created initially the idea was to present the award to students and graduates who were studying fashion design at University or College, this was before opening the competition up to all creative art and design genres for consideration in the future to include music, art, architecture, sculpture, dance and fashion to name but a few.


There are two remaining E.V.E award ceremonies left to complete the first Trilogy. An executive decision was made by E.V.E's creative team to hold these stages at alternative locations throughout the United Kingdom. On each of these occasions, the E.V.E award will be presented to students and post graduates studying fashion design at University or College. Our hope and the intention is for students and post graduate designers to look more closely at what goes into planning and producing their individual collection or design, which we hope follows closely the E.V.E award and KPC Productions.Org’s ethos of being environmentally friendly with students and graduates following an ethical approach to design and manufacture. Using materials such as organic and recycled clothing, as well as garments made using the wide range of eco-friendly fabrics that are availiable now. This we hope will lend itself to more innovative and creative designs in the future.


The two remaining ceremonies will be held at venues located within the United Kingdom. There are a number of possibilities and our creative team will narrow these down until they have agreed on the venues that best lend themselves to our needs and ethos. Candidates and nominees will be notified via email or telephone once these have confirmed. If you would like to attend an E.V.E award event you will need to refer back to KPC Productions.Org’s website or social media for further details on dates and venues of future events. The identity of the venues for these events will be made public via KPC Productions.Org’s website, Twitter, Google+, Snapchat, FaceBook and YouTube once negotiations are completed and confirmations have been secured with the venue owners and the local authorities. The short list of possible venues we have chosen are well situated and in close proximity to major railway networks and transport links. With this in mind our impressions of the venues, when we visited their individual locations recently, were very good through to excellent, and we think whichever is chosen, you will be very impressed with our choice. We will be working closely with each venues event team endeavouring to bring to you a safe and successful end result to the each event.


Versatile - E.V.E award


























Each E.V.E award heat stage has a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place position. The winner of each heat stage will automatically be put forward to potentially become the overall competition winner of the E.V.E award and a grand prize of £10,000 pounds. Tickets to attend the E.V.E award and lend your support will start from £65. There will be a 10% reduction on the face value of a standard ticket to these events for students & post graduates who wish to attend who are not participating or nominees. A percentage of each ticket sold will be placed into our Charity Pot and shared equally between the charities and worthy causes we support and hold dear to our hearts at the end of each financial year. The E.V.E award and our creative team will also be inviting a number of special guests and celebrities who will attend the events as our guests of honour for the evening this list will be made public once finally confirmed.


For further information on how to qualify to enter the E.V.E award please check the website or email: For further information on tickets and availability, please contact:



E.V.E award competition rules in brief


The E.V.E award will be presented to students and post graduate designers from across the UK, for innovative environmentally conscious and aware creative designs. Initially we will be starting with the fashion industry, and then opening the competition up to all creative arts and design genres in the near future.


The competition rules and brief for students and graduates for guidance wanting to enter the competition are to keep within the E.V.E award and KPC Productions.Org’s ethos, one of being environmentally friendly, conscious and aware! Basically being more conscious and aware of what goes into your work or collection. The idea is to produce a body of work of some six to ten pieces that will potentially be show cased at the event.


This we hope will also be the case and brief for those Brands and Designers we have also approached, also asking them to take up the challenge of designing a collection that was in some way made by environmentally friendly means. This could take the shape of being made ethically with products and fabrics that either reduces their carbon foot print, material purchased through fair trade, garments that didn’t use slave labour in the process of being made, or the use of any toxic dyes in its colouring and or the sustainable approach with some kind of recycled material or fabric.



















We will showcase and present the overall winning post graduate or student of the E.V.E award at, A New Horizon (Wake up Zone) the concert date tbc. The winning Post Graduate or student will be our guest at this event receiving the gold E.V.E award and a check for £10,000. Our intention is to hold the competition annually from then on, awarding E.V.E awards to post graduates and students from creative arts and design universities and colleges firstly from around the UK then to expand worldwide.


Applicants and candidates to receive the E.V.E award will be accepted by being nominated; via recommendations either from Tutors, Principles, Heads of Departments and or Deans. Work can either be made up from work previously achieved through education, or specifically made for the E.V.E award both means will be acceptable.


Closing dates for applications and consideration for each stage of the E.V.E award will be posted on the KPC Productions.Org’s website and all relevent social media sites. All work for consideration for entry into the competiton will be presented to KPC Productions.Org’s - Creative design team - who will act as judge and have final approval over all applicants work presented. Awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd place positions from amongst all the applicants who were entered per event stage. The overall first place winner will receive £10,000 second place will receive £5,000 and third place will receive £2,500.


KPC Productions.Org’s - Creative design team - reserve the right to refuse an applicant’s request or recommendation for consideration and entry into the E.V.E award without giving reason. The result of the winners and runners up of the award will be posted to the website and all relevent social media sites including Twitter, FaceBook, Google+ and YouTube to name a few.


All that remains is for KPC Productions.Org’s - Creative design team to wish all applicants the best of luck. We will also add be open minded, be free with your ideas and think outside of the box. Keep to the E.V.E awards ethos and brief for the competition and we look forward to viewing your results.


KPC Productions.Org’s - Creative design team


E.V.E award for further details and information please contact;






Keep checking back with website for updates and information on the E.V.E award or you can follow us on Twitter Google+ Facebook and YouTube

Collecting E.V.E
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